Friday, February 28, 2020

Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 28

Personal Statement Example I could tell that marketing to me was one of the most fulfilling topics I had ever covered while studying my degree in Management. The course work was as interesting as the practical work which mostly entailed presentations and research work as directed by my professor. To be honest, I found the practical work much easier to do, with especially my research assignments in the marketing topic proving to be one of the most interesting and memorable tasks I have completed to date. I especially enjoyed making field observations and presenting field data in the market research segment for the marketing classes. In all honesty, this is a field that caught my heart, despite being a regretfully small part of my degree in management. As earlier mentioned, I have studied primarily in management, and my specialty is in the banking area. I graduated with a management degree in June 2014 from the Qafqaz University in Azerbaijan. I was top of my Faculty (Management) accumulating a final GPA of 95.04. This followed a string of exemplary academic performances that saw me receive numerous recognition awards from the Dean of the Faculty and the University Rector as well. However, it is the marketing subject that remains a memorable part of my studies in management. I found myself more inclined to all marketing related subjects than all other areas of my undergraduate studies, with a special liking and interest in advertising. I feel that it is the creativity that this subject demands which makes me so attracted to it. I believe that I am well equipped to prosper in the marketing field, especially considering a few of my related strengths and passions. I am a team leader by nature and for this, I have found to thrive well in teamwork arrangements. From my experience at the University, I performed the best while studying in team works, deriving immeasurable satisfaction and joy from

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