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Choices Nutrition Logo Essay - 1221 Words

In the January issue of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, an article was published regarding the impact of nutritional labels on food choices at different Dutch work cafeterias. The purpose of this study was to investigate the differences made to food choices, and if it stimulated consumers to make healthier choices or if customers actually pay attention to the nutritional information in the product. The Choices nutrition logo is found around European countries in supermarket chains and different locations. This logo is similar to the Smart Choices program, which appears on the front of the pack of certain food items, such as cereal boxes, breads, yogurts, etc. along the United States. Both these logos inform the†¦show more content†¦The menus consisted of one freshly prepared Choices sandwich, one regular sandwich, one Choices soup and a regular soup, aside from the regular products they offered, such as dairy products, beverages and other hot meals. The employees from the cafeterias kitchens were trained to make sure all the items in the selected menus were prepared the exact same way. The prices of these products were the exact same. Other items in the cafeterias offered, such as snacks, fruits, salad bar, etc, were not included in the study since said products did not comply with the Choices criteria. A three-week menu cycle was created and rotated three times to fu lfill the nine-week period. Also, menus explaining the meaning of the Choices logo were available to focus the employee’s attention to the products offered, intended to make the employees to make healthier choices. The control cafeterias did not use any logo or provide any other type of information on the products from the study menu. Aside from the collection of the data regarding the sales on Choices products and other non-Choices products offered in the menu, information was also collected from other foods offered in the cafeterias, such as the sales on fried foods, fresh fruit (included as Choices menu item) and salads to see if the intervention of the Choices labeling had any effect on the sales of these other products. To see if the intervention of the labeling in theShow MoreRelatedDeceptive Health Marketing on Food Products Essay1631 Words   |  7 Pagesthe Smart Choices program. In many cases, however, these assurances of quality and nutrition are not what they seem to be. The use of deceptive health marketing by corporations on food products is unethical. Many of the names consumers trust to guide them in a better lifestyle are actually paid large sums of money by corporations for the privilege of putting a logo on their product. When deciding between similar products, consumers are often drawn to familiar names and logos over the unknownRead MoreLegal Research Of A Small Business With Roberto960 Words   |  4 Pagesinvolve and be sued in trademark infringement law by using the name and logo of another company. The trademark infringement is the using of another’s mark without authorization or permission of the trademark owner. Although they are not cheese package, they have name and logo that look same with cheese package logo. Therefore, they are easy to cause customer to become confused about the products. If we keep choosing their name and logo, we should buy franchise from their companies. However, we will notRead MoreEthos And Its Effect On Society1129 Words   |  5 Pagesof persuasion known as logos, the appeal to logic, pathos, the appeal to emotion, and ethos, arguably the most important and persuasive part of an argument. Ethos is the strongest and most effective method of persuasion that establishes likability and credibility which creates a trustworthy bond and hooks the crowd into listening. It is used constantly in advertisement and everyday life, so much so that people don’t notice it. For example, in an EAS magazine ad for nutrition protein powder, a pictureRead MoreA Health Conscious Brand Extension for Coca-Cola971 Words   |  4 Pagesproducts have historically eschewed nutrition in favor of marketability. However, as SourceWatch points out, marketability has increasingly come to rely on a demonstration of interest in the nutritional well-being of the products core buying target. In response to this rising trend, SourceWatch reports, in March 2004, Coca-Cola announced that it was creating the Beverage Institute for Health Wellness. According to PR Week the institute is to support nutrition research, education, and outreach.Read MoreFood Policy Is Not Sufficiently Addressed By Our Go vernment Essay1247 Words   |  5 PagesIn the garden of life, we are flowers that grow and bloom not only from the sunshine we get, but also from the nutrition we receive. As a human being, healthy food is the most important source that nurture our body and help us achieve a happy life. Activist and author Michael Pollan, wrote â€Å"Farmer in Chief†, published in 2008 in the New York Times, and he argues that food policy is not sufficiently addressed by our government. By using concreate language, reputable sources from experts in the foodRead MoreManagerial Function of Nestle1042 Words   |  5 Pages  Good Food is the primary source of Good Health throughout life. We strive to bring consumers foods that are safe of high quality and provide optimal nutrition to meet physiological needs. In addition to Nutrition, Health and Wellness, Nestle products bring consumers the vital ingredients of taste and pleasure.   As consumers continue to make choices regarding foods and beverages they consume, Nestle helps provide selections for all individual taste and lifestyle preferences. Research is a key partRead MoreObesity in Texas Children Essay1134 Words   |  5 Pagesa school program to help obese children lose weight. Also, television advertisements are influencing obese children to make unhealthy choices. Allowing healthier school lunches will decrease obesity in children because it will give them the proper nutrition to reduce the risk of health issues. Since obesity causes many health issues, maintaining a proper nutrition will reduce the risk of health issues. According to Star- Telegram, a daily newspaper that serves Fort Worth and areas of North TexasRead MoreFast Food Restaurants And Their Effects969 Words   |  4 Pageswell. However, the food from the restaurants are causing multiple problems in today’s society. It has a significant impact on American’s health which is leading to deaths and obesity. Also, fast food can lead to an increase in weight gain and bad nutrition for a human’s body. David Zinczenko is the editor-in-chief of Men’s Health magazine. In his essay, Don’t Blame the Eater, he argues that fast-food restaurants are unhealthy and that they are causing health issues in many teenagers, specificallyRead MoreEssay Nutrition770 Words   |  4 Pages Nutrition is an important issue in my life for many reasons. The most important being my major, dental hygiene. I’ve taken a couple nutrition courses already. I also simply care for the fact that what we eat is associated with our health and how long we may live. Before I went to the website I didn’t expect to see many healthy benefits to eating McDonalds so I guess I was prepared. It said that McDonald’s food is linked to serious diseases because of the high fat and low fiber content. I know fromRead MoreThe Responsibility of the Fast Food Industries for Obesity1391 Words   |  6 Pagescontinuous rise of obesity rates revolves around who is at fault. Do we blame the consumer s or the fast food industries? Although fast food companies persuade us with cheap prices and convenience, we should be able to take full responsibility for our food choices and our health. Two highly respected authors, Radley Balko and David Zinczenko, argue about obesity and government involvement; however, they share different views on who should be held accountable for this recurring issue. Balko aims to convince

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